8 Hacks to chat better on Tinder!

August 18, 2022

8 Hacks to chat better on Tinder!

How to chat better on Tinder ?

“Hey what’s up?” Yes, this is the most cliche message that you can send or receive on Tinder and also this is the most boring one! So, as a result after a few replies you will again get back to square one. As it has been perfectly said by the author of “Appily ever after: A woman’s guide to online dating” who is named as Benjamin Daly, that when you have to reply to a lot of messages then the messages like “how it’s going?” Or “what’s up?” Seems very much tempting for offering but that does neither assure you a reply nor a probable future connection.

Gone are the days when boys only used to make the first move or start a conversation. So now is the time for us that is we all girls need to make the first move or ask for something that we want. As we love to be felt special that’s how the other person loves to feel too. So, rather than using the generic conversation starter, you must be doing something new or interesting which will show the person on the other side of you that you are trying to start a conversation. Or you are taking a little time from your busy schedule and that is why chances are more that the other person is going to reply back.

Tinder has around 50 million users out of which 10 million users use the app to chat with other users daily. Every average user generally spends 35 minutes chatting in this app daily. Everyday around 1.6 billion swipes takes place in Tinder. There have been over more than 20 bn matches on Tinder since 2012. On an average 1.5 million dates take place every week due to Tinder that clearly shows how important communication is to get a proper connection.

Also after starting a conversation it is very much important to keep getting the attention from the opposite person. In order to not get them distracted you have to keep the conversation interesting.

1. First things First : You need to choose a nice profile picture for your profile in order to show your personality and your physical assets. Try to choose the pictures which probably represent what kind of a person you are. Most of your matches are going to reply after looking at your profile picture for other pictures. Putting up a proper bio is also going to be an militarycupid profile indication to your connections or matches that you have actually put some effort and you are serious in finding a match.

8 Hacks to chat better on Tinder!

2. Stop looking desperate: Yes you are definitely trying to make some matches so like the profiles which actually you feel are according to your choice. After having a match you definitely want to start chatting with them but research says that waiting for at least a day or two after matching increases the chance of an actual communication by 15% and also prevents you from looking desperate.

3. Pay attention to the details: The most simple way for catching the other one’s attention is by using their name while writing the opening message. It looks personal and that’s what people love so instead of starting with a casual message you can write the message along with his name. But please don’t forget to double check the spelling of the name of that person.

4. Be yourself : Being yourself and being natural is one of the best methods to carry out the conversation as if the other person is actually standing or is actually present in front of you. Stop being creepy at times and also show interest in daily life and try to know the person behind his profile. Also look carefully at their hobbies and interests which they have listed . It will be helping you to determine if you both share the same interests.

5. Don’t create awkward situations: Stop asking any awkward questions or stop passing awkward comments. You cannot start by saying “do you have a girlfriend” or “am I looking fat in the pictures?”, because if they had a girlfriend then perhaps they won’t be on Tinder and if you ask questions like how are you looking then you won’t be wanting to hear any honest answer, so it’s better to not ask. Weight and skin colours are all sensitive issues so it’s better to keep them away if you don’t want to be getting judged and start having easily avoided conflicts. Also don’t just keep on nagging about your past relationships or other matches or the ex girlfriends of the other person. Even asking about previous hook-ups might also be misleading and you can look like a creepy person. It’s always better to know each other better before asking any personal questions.

Also don’t over assume about the future from the beginning as good things take time. So don’t start jumping from the beginning that you too will actually make a good couple and stay together as compatible partners. Also if you ask them about marriage or children in the beginning it will only scare them away.

6. Set the correct mood: If you want the conversation to last long, then it is very important to set the mood for the rest of the conversation. It does not mean that you have to be too aggressive or too weak! Just be in between and don’t it make others bore. You can talk about your similar interests as it would be a good start and that might bring in some more in depth conversations.

7. Try to generate each answer with another question: If you don’t want your conversation to stop then it’s always better to respond with something that gives rise to another question and don’t opt for one word answers. An interesting conversation is like a game of badminton, if the other person does not hit the cork back, then the game ends. You can also ask them what they are looking for if you want to stay on the same page and to have an idea if you both have a similar vision about dating . So it would be easier for you to make a move.

8. Taking the next step: If you like a person on Tinder then you can ask them to meet in person after sometime. Always remember that this is usually a speed dating app. So for making an impression that too a long lasting one, it’s better to allow some face to face time. You come say like “let’s meet on this weekend” or “let’s catch up over a cup of coffee” which will be helping you to move towards your interested person.

So keep following these hacks if you don’t want your chat to ever end and also do have a look at our other posts regarding Tinder, if you want to learn about anything more.